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Guelph Real Estate – Open House Tips

Guelph Real Estate - Open House Tips

Guelph Real Estate – Open House Tips

June 14, 2017
by aowd
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The strategic marketing concept of holding open houses has been under scrutiny for quite some time. There are people who will swear by open houses and others who don’t believe open houses truly help when it comes to selling their Guelph real estate.

It is true that most people looking to purchase their home will start their search online and this is a great way to start bringing attention to your property. With such an emphasis on online marketing it is hard to see the value in an open house, but trust us, it’s there!

Have you ever made a purchase online before? What type of item did you purchase?

It was most likely something you have purchased in the past or had already seen in a store. If most people are worried to purchase clothing online for fear of receiving the wrong size, they aren’t going to purchase a home strictly off what they read about it on a website.

People want to experience the house. They want to check out the neighborhood as they drive up and picture their possessions as they walk through the house. An open house is the perfect way to let as many people as possible have these experiences and fall in love with your home.

With that being said, if you and your agent or realtor do decide to hold an open house, it is important to get it right! The following tips should give you some great ideas when it comes to holding your own open house:


Choose the Right Day and Time

One of the most important aspects of holding your open house is selecting the right day and time. Open houses are now typically held for only a couple of hours, say from 2:00pm – 4:00pm. This strategy of limiting the hours will bring more people to your house in a shorter amount of time, giving them all the impression that there is heightened competition for your home.

Choosing the right day is also an important factor when planning your open house. You don’t have to stick to the weekends if the buyers you want to target would be more likely to come by on say a Thursday. Take some time to think about the potential buyers you want to draw in and consider their usual movements, then work your open house plans to fit into their routines.



It is very important to advertise your open house to draw as much attention and traffic to your home as possible. This can be accomplished with flyers and signs and via social media and word of mouth. Your agent or realtor should also have some marketing tools they can provide to ensure your open house is properly advertised.


Make it Friendly and Enjoyable

An open house doesn’t have to be a sort of informal home inspection. Make your open house more of a social event by inviting your neighbours. The potential buyers that come to your open house with this welcoming and friendly atmosphere from your neighbourhood will have a much better impression of your home.


Hold Two Open Houses – One for Agents and One for the Public

Holding two open houses is a great way to draw more potential buyers to your Guelph real estate. Hold one exclusive open house that is only for other agents and realtors. This open house won’t be advertised to the public, but your agent will be able to advertise it to other agents and realtors that represent potential buyers. It is important to get them excited about your property so they will take your information back to their clients.

The second open house will be the open house you hold for the public and can be accomplished using the tips we have given above.

If you are considering an open house, it is important to remember that online marketing and open houses don’t have to be either or. You can absolutely post your property online, with an agent or realtor, and hold an open house. These two marketing concepts go hand in hand and both are designed to increase your exposure to potential buyers.

Do you want to hold an open house? Give us a call today and we will be happy to help!




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